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Committed to customer satisfaction Ari’s Mold Pros guarantee 100% satisfaction mold removal. Our technicians are highly trained and fully licensed, offering expert mold removal and prevention in New York.

Our technician will first determine the exact root of the problem. The humidity and moisture levels in the remediation area will be measured and controlled. Next, the technicians will treat the mold growth first to disinfect and then with an antimicrobial coating to prevent future mold growth. Proper safety measures are put in place to safeguard the health and concerns of the occupants. After completing remediation work, the air will be scrubbed, and HEPA vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores.

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Mold Removal Process

1. An Ari’s Mold Pro certified technician will assess the mold on-site and source any moisture with our advanced infrared camera testing device.

2. The technician will then seal off the whole area with polyethylene sheeting and place it under negative pressure to prevent contamination in other rooms of the home or building.

3. Place air filtration machines like HEPA vacuums to filter the air and prevent mold spores from spreading while the remediation is in process.

4. Depending on how much mold there is, it is sometimes necessary to remove mold-infested substances like sheet rock as well as clean all hard and soft surfaces from any mold spores that may have contaminated  them.

5. Following de-humidification and drying, The affected structural members will be disinfected and decontaminated with an anti-microbial agent plus an anti-microbial coating for mold removal in New York to prevent it from growing in the future.

6. Wood and stone work, if needed, will be treated with anti-microbial agents such as Microban.

7. If physically possible, the remediation area will be kept under negative pressure with air exhausted to the outdoors . This is to prevent any cross contamination.

8. After completion of remediation work, all neighboring areas will be air scrubbed, and HEPA vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores.

9. A post-remediation visual inspection, including air sampling and/or swab sampling, will be performed upon the client’s request and approval.

At Ari’s Mold Pro, we understand that mold removal in NYC can greatly disrupt a home or workplace environment. All our remediation projects are designed ahead of time with a guaranteed work dead-line.  We complete every aspect that goes into successful mold remediation in an efficient and timely manner.

Our service does not stop upon completion of the remediation. We hold our relationship with customers in extremely high regard and are open 24/7 to take any questions or concerns you might have, no matter the situation or circumstance.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Highly Trained & Certified
Mold Inspection Specialists

We provide an unbiased means of mold inspection. This means we do not perform mold remediation but will assist you in detailing a step-by-step protocol of how to remove the mold

Advanced Mold Inspection
Techniques and Equipment

advanced mold inspection techniques to ascertain the source of moisture intrusion and mold growth in addition to completely eliminating the mold(s) restoring healthy environmental conditions

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Exceptional customer service is the number one priority at Ari's. Our customers represent every facet of business and life - from global corporations to local residential communities.

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Free In-Home Evaluation

Free in-home evaluation and on-the-spot estimate for mold removal

Mold Removal Guarantee

We offer a full guarantee on our professional mold removal services.

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We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any removal job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mold is a fungus that can flourish both inside and out. While no one is quite sure how many different kinds of mold exist, some estimates peg the number to be up to three hundred thousand. Damp, humid and warm environments provide the best conditions for mold to grow. It spreads by producing spores. These spores are hardy and can survive adverse conditions, such as being dry, that otherwise wouldn’t support mold growth.

It does not take much time at all for mold to grow. Given the proper conditions mentioned above, it can grow in as quickly as 24 hours. Therefore, it is extremely important if you have experienced water damage or a flood to get the right solution, as quickly as possible. Secondary damage, including mold growth, has a high possibility of arising.

Some black molds, such as Stachybotrys chartarum, can be particularly harmful to humans. This type of mold requires a great deal of moisture to flourish. It also specifically grows on materials that have low nitrogen and high fiber content. For this reason, it is often found growing on items such as building materials, including carpet, wallpaper, and wood, that have become saturated with water.

Of the entire human population, approximately 20 percent are classified as being sensitive to mold. However, it’s important to note that the remainder of the population  faces an increased sensitivity if exposed to high mold concentration for a long period. Some people develop an allergy to mold, while asthmatics could become sick after just a small amount of exposure to mold. Additionally, people exposed to the harmful chemicals released by molds can react significantly differently from one another. This can make it difficult to determine what is a safe level of mold exposure.

5 Stars – Google Reviews

5 Stars – Google Reviews

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